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2nd Gen "SF" Honda GROM Light Bar Installation Guide

2nd Gen "SF" Honda GROM Light Bar Installation Guide

Tools Needed

-Philips Screw Driver

-Flat head or trim tool

-8mm socket/wrench

-Metric Allen Wrenches


1. Remove the Seat


2. Loosen or remove the plastic cladding on the upper right side of the fuel tank. It is held in with a Philips screw and a plastic push rivet from the front. The rest of the cladding is held in by clips. Be careful not to break them.



3. Remove Headlight by removing the 4 Allen bolts (2 on each side). Unplug harness plugs and move the headlight to a table or workspace. Remove the 8mm hex headlight adjustment bolt located on the underside of the headlight assembly. It is no longer needed as it is being replaced with a longer Philips head screw. When removing the adjustment screw take note of the small square nut that it fastens into. It is located inside the headlight assembly. BE CAREFUL TO KEEP TRACK OF THIS NUT, IT CAN FALL OUT.


4. Remove the 3D printed mounting bracket from the LED Lightbar assembly. Remove the red film from the double-sided tape.


5. Align the mounting bracket with the tape facing the underside of the headlight housing, and the “FRONT” lettering facing forward. Before mounting see the below photo to verify correct placement. It is properly aligned when the front and left side are flush with the headlight housing edges and the oval shaped slots on both the housing plastic and the mount are perfectly aligned. Try test fitting before removing film to verify fitment. You may need to clean the underside of the headlight housing for best adhesion.


6. Locate the new replacement Philips screw in the plastic bag. Be sure to prepare the screw by making sure the hardware is in the following orientation as shown in the photo below. It is recommended to apply some blue (removable) thread locker to the threads to ensure it does not vibrate loose. Failure to use thread-locker could result in losing the screw, and damaging the lightbar and/or your bike.


7. Look at the headlight assembly from the underside. Slide the LED light bar metal mounting bracket into the 3D printed bracket all the way back until the circular screw hole is aligned with the square headlight adjustment nut inside the headlight assembly. Once aligned, insert the new replacement screw through the metal bracket and fasten to the square nut.

When referencing the image, slide the bracket/lightbar assembly into the 3D printed bracket until the points marked by red dots are aligned.

Notice that the factory headlight adjustment process is retained even with the LED light bar installed. To Adjust the headlight: Loosen the phillips screw and adjust by moving the headlight assembly by hand. The Screw will slide through the mount slot. Tighten screw when properly aligned. This is much easier to do when the headlight is mounted back on the bike. It may be a bit more resistant to move with the new bracket installed. The two small allen bolts in the metal LED Light Bar bracket adjust the tilt and side-to-side positioning of the light.


8. Return to the bike with the headlight assembly. Take the wiring harness (If purchased) and attach the hook terminal (red wire) to the positive terminal of the battery. Run the wiring loom under the loosened plastic cladding to the headlight area. Follow the routing direction of the other wires as shown in the photo below.



9. Attach the switch to the handlebar. The best location seems to be on the left side within reach of your left thumb.


10. Remove the silver 8mm hex bolt, attach the negative (Black Wire) eyelet terminal and replace the hex bolt. The hex bolt is located behind where the headlight assembly goes and is to the left of the horn.


11.Verify all cables are routed safely and not in danger of being pinched or strained when turning the handlebars. Use zip ties to secure the wiring to the frame. Bundle any loose wiring out of the way. Be sure no wiring is touching moving parts or engine parts that get hot. Under the seat be sure that the wiring will not be in the way when re-installing the seat. 


12. Reinstall the headlight assembly and test the LED light bar for proper function. Reinstall plastic cladding and seat.


13. In a flat, dark environment check the headlight and lightbar for the proper light pattern and adjust as needed.


You have successfully mounted your new Low-Profile LED Light Bar! As a small business owner I would greatly appreciate a positive review on Etsy/eBay/, as well as publicity on whatever social media and/or forum communities you may be a part of. Thank you for your purchase!



  • Light Bar should not be used on high-trafficked roads. Always turn off the light bar when facing oncoming traffic.
  • Install and use lightbar at your own risk. Modifying your bike may result in voiding the factory warranty. 
  • Installing this headlight removes about 1 inch of front suspension travel clearance. Modify your driving tendencies to avoid excessive suspension travel (slow over speed bumps, avoid potholes and bumpy roads, refrain from performing stunts). Failure to drive cautiously may result in damaged property.


Parts List for DIY kit and replacement parts:

-22mm Handlebar Light Switch and Mount

-Inline Fuse Holder

-Eyelet Crimp Connector

-Shrink tube connectors

-Headlight Adjustment Screw: M4x25mm


Wiring Diagram:

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