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Wiring Diagrams for Ford Police Interceptor Modifications

Wiring Diagrams for Ford Police Interceptor Modifications

Auxiliary Upfitter Switch Wiring Diagram

You must utilize a 4-pin relay for each of the auxillary switches you want to use. Each brand/model of relay may have different colored wires but this diagram is based on a common wire scheme on many relays. 



10-Way Powered Seat Hardwire Memory Seat Bypass Diagram

I have found multiple years and models of Ford vehicles utilize the same wiring for their memory seats. I have found this on 12th gen (09-14) F-150 as well as 2011-2019 Ford Explorers. Wire colors may vary year by year. Many other vehicles may include the same wiring harnesses.

If trying to install 10-way powered seats with memory into a vehicle that is not normally equipped with it, you will find the seats do not work. This is because the drivers control module (DCM) found underneath the drivers side seat interupts the circuit and needs to by bypassed. The 3rd plug going into the DCM has most of the wires needed to bypass the system by using jumper wires. Use this diagram to determine which wires to jump across. 

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