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About the Creator

About the Creator

I'm Dick,

As a first generation Alaskan I spent many hours growing up in the outdoors and becoming well aquainted with nature. As I began venturing further and further from home I found myself searching for the right tools to facilitate my adventures. I purchased a TW200 as my first bike on a friends reccomendation. I quickly realized that it was the perfect fit for my lifestyle on and off road. It has taken me places I would have only ever seen from a distance.

I have been 3D printing and dabbling in CAD design since 2015 mostly as a hobby. I designed a few Tdub parts for personal use that quickly received attention from others in the enduro community. In 2020 I started selling one of my parts on eBay and it exceeded my expectations. Fast forward a few years and add several additional printers and you find the buisness as it is today.

I chose the odd buisness name "3Dub200" as homage to the iconic bike that brought me into this awesome community, as well as the 3D printing technology which allowed me to take control of my life.

More than anything I am grateful to the community which has supported me as I try my best to give back by creating innovative products. I give extra thanks to the content creators TDubsKid and MOBstreet 83 on YouTube who have greatly contibuted to spreading the word about my work

Thank you for visiting!