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4x6 LED Headlight Adaptor Bracket Kit for Yamaha TW200

by 3Dub200

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Intended for any 1988+ year of the Yamaha TW200 Motorcycle

Allows user to mount any standard 4x6 headlight (Not included) as a replacement for the factory headlight.

DISCLAIMER: Not all headlights are made equal and may have slight variances in dimensions. Though unlikely, it may be necessary to make slight alterations with sandpaper, a file, Dremel or similar tool to trim edges that may be tight on your particular headlight. The Morimoto headlight is one that is known to require slight resizing.

This kit includes the two halves of the assembly with hardware and DOES NOT include the 4x6 headlight. It is up to the buyer to decide what style of 4x6 headlight they want to use. A strip of foam tape is included in case your specific headlight requires shimming.

The main photo shows a mounted headlight as demonstration only to show how the end product will look like. If you search for "LED 4x6 headlight" online you will find a large variety of headlight styles. Do note that some sellers have 2-4 headlights for sale in a listing so you'll want to find a single light for sale or just buy a large pack and split it with friends or other TDubbers. Please note that although all the headlights are advertised as 4x6, there are some variations in exact dimensions. This headlight bracket kit is designed to account for slight variations in dimensions, however if for whatever reason your chosen headlight does not fit right, I will accept returns upon request even though the listing specifies no returns. Also there is a lifetime warranty on all of my 3D printed parts.

Disclaimer: This kit is not difficult to install, but can be a bit tricky. It may seem like it will not line up straight right up until the point that it is installed, then it looks great.

Tools needed:

-Philips screw driver (a drill with Philips bit will be much easier for screwing/removing the two spring-loaded screws.
-Hardware to hook up the red wire on your new headlight to the yellow wire behind the headlight location on the TW200 harness. I recommend using a T-spade connector.
-Basic electrical strip/crimp tool

Buyers Guide:

These bracket kits are made of 3D printed Carbon-fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate materials. They are suitable for off-road and street use.

Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate is very resilient to sun and elements and has a strength rating of 72MPa. It only comes in matte black. Polycarbonate mounts are guaranteed for life with replacements only costing the amount for postage ($4)


-1 Bracket kit w/ hardware pre-installed.


- Every bracket kit is guaranteed for life with replacements only costing the amount for postage ($4). For a replacement you must send clear pictures of the broken part.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dustin H
Headlight Bracket Kit

Was very hesitant with this bracket because it’s 3D printed plastic. WOW I’m glad I got it. This thing is very well built and fits perfectly. Thanks 3DUB200 for making such a great part giving us all a better headlight. The 3 switch with USB charger fits perfectly also. Also I have to mention awesome customer service they responded to my email and made an order change on a Sunday. Fast shipping too. Thanks again.

Anthony Sharo
Etsy Review

After messing around trying to rig up my own bracket which didnt look right I searched up another solution and found this. Its well made and fit the aftermarket led perfect on my TDub. Bonus points for the stainless fasteners. Highly recommended.