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Yamaha TW200 Quick Release Seat Bolts (Pair)

by 3Dub200

Original price $24.99 - Original price $29.99
Original price
$24.99 - $29.99
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As seen on Youtube by TDubsKid and MOBStreet 83!


This pair of quick release bolts replace the two factory 10mm bolts that secure the seat to the frame of all 1984-2023 TW200 bikes.

No tools needed! Optional cable tethers available to secure your bolts to the bike frame to ensure you do not loose them on the trail. Aluminum cam handle gives you leverage to tighten and loosen bolts without use of a wrench, then flips up when not in use. Will not affect rear tire/suspension clearance.

Lifetime Warranty! Handmade in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Sky Stebbins

Yamaha TW200 Quick Release Seat Bolts (Pair)

steve koenig
Works great

No need for any tools to remove seat. “Wheres that f#%k’in 10mm” lol.

Joshua Lent
They work, but it took me a bit to understand how they work

Before ordering, I figured that the aluminum cam handle completed the final snug of the bolt. However, this is not the case. The cam handle is just a handle to turn the fastener - it does not snug that fastener. There are two black colored 3D printed parts that both have a metal core. The upper portion is Loctited in place relative to the cam handle threads, so it doesn't move. The bottom 3D printed part is free to move a bit. There is a lock washer and a flat washer on top of the upper 3D printed part. The lock washer gives some compliance and keeps the assembly tight. The flat washer is drilled pretty close to the diameter of threaded shaft - that must be in an effort to keep the washer and lock washer captive (not readily falling into the dirt/grass when you remove the assembly). However, since the flat washer is fairly tight on the threaded shaft, it doesn't move very easily, which negates the effect of the the lock washer. In a worst case, if the assembly un-screwed enough from the bike to be loose, it really can't spin very far because the cam handle contacts the frame of the bike. Overall, it's a better setup than the stock bolt - it just works differently than I imagined. One star off for the way the flat washer moves relative to the threads (one of my washers had a pretty big burr on it that I had to remove). Keep making stuff for the TW200, 3DUB200!

John Thomas
T dub seat fasteners

Seat fasteners work as advertised now I don’t have to worry about getting underneath my seat when I am out riding.

Jeffrey Marshall
TW Seat Release

It’s an obvious improvement over the stock solution. I haven’t installed them yet because i plan on modifying my seat padding. I certainly look forward to using these superior improvements. Short of a spring release system like on many atv seats( my preference) these quick release seat bolts are the next best thing. Congrats on your solution.