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Yamaha TW200 Switch Mount Installation Guide

Yamaha TW200 Switch Mount Installation Guide


These instructions illustrate mounting for the single-switch mount, but apply for all mounts


This is a 3D printed part and requires a moderate level of care when installing. Although it is very durable, it is a thermoplastic and can melt if drilled or sanded with a high-powered sander. See the instructions at the end of this manual for refinishing information. It will flex as needed but will break if you try to bend it. 

For installation, you will need a small-bit Philips screwdriver. Optionally you might need to use some rubbing alcohol, scotchbrite/sandpaper and Silicone.



-Use a small-bit Phillips screwdriver to remove the two screws holding on the Turn signal/Neutral/High-beam indicator housing. Set screws aside. 

-Alternatively, accidently drop them on the ground and spend 15 minutes looking for them on hands and knees.




-Remove housing cover, and leave rubber and light bulb assembly attached to bike.
-Take parts inside to continue project on kitchen table since your garage workbench has too much shit on it to do anything. Also its cold out here.




-Line up your new switch panel with your housing to ensure holes are relatively close to lining up. This should be a pretty tight fit. Take note of the area where the round switch cylinder(s) will be contacting the housing for the next step.

-Note that the single-switch panel mounts to the underside of the housing (as shown in photo) whereas the two and three-switch panels mount on the top side.




-OPTIONAL: Use Scotch-Brite pad or sandpaper to scuff the contact area to promote better adhesion of the 3M double sided tape. Clean scuffed area with rubbing alcohol, or drinking alcohol.




-Remove red film from 3M double-sided tape. Use the screws to help align the mounting holes from the panel and housing together in the correct position. Use your fingers to firmly press the two parts together and let the tape bond.




-Install provided washers to each screw.

-Partially install screws so that they are barely sticking out from bottom side of housing. This will allow you to easily align switch during installation while still allowing you to easily tighten screws the rest of the way. Or you can disregard that last bit and do it however you want.




-Slide rubber insert with light bulbs into housing first. Then align the partially installed screws with mounting holes.

-Snugly tighten the screws, but do not over-tighten. This is plastic, not titanium. 




-Install your wired switches. If you bought the switches with this kit, refer to the fancy Google images/MS-Paint diagram included below.

-Optionally you may want to use Silicone to secure the switch(s). This is particularly applicable if using the single-switch panel due to the tight bend the wires have to make. It may be easier to silicone the switch and allowing to cure prior to installation of the housing. 




-Wipe any residual silicone off the edges (if applicable).

-Enjoy your mounting switch, and leave a great product review on eBay, or complain about the shoddy workmanship to me in private.


If you are happy with this product, I would greatly appreciate a review on any TW200 forum or Facebook Page. Thanks!


Refinishing Tips:

If you want to paint this part here is the recommended procedure:

-Lightly hand-sand part with 220-400 grit sandpaper

-Clean with soap water or alcohol

-Lightly spray with plastic adhesive promoter

-Spray with a high-build sandable primer

-Hand sand primer with 400-grit sandpaper until smooth

-Clean and paint any color


Switch Wiring Diagram





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