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Yamaha TW200 Light Bar Installation Guide

Yamaha TW200 Light Bar Installation Guide

TW200 Light Bar Installation Guide

Click here for the installation and review video by TDubsKid on YouTube


Tools Needed

-Philips Screw Driver

-10mm socket/wrench

-12mm socket/wrench

-13mm socket/wrench

-Electrical crimpers (can be substituted with pliers)


  1. Remove the LOWER 12mm fork bolt on each side. (see photo below

  2. Install the light bar assembly with the “3Dub200” logo facing upwards. The new bolts will be 13mm. Snug bolts down tightly. NOTE: New bolts may bind up on the light bar bracket, if this happens slightly loosen the spacer nut to allow the bolt to spin freely. Be sure to fully tighten both the spacer nut and the new fork bolt. 
  3. Remove the 1 Philips screw from the headlight cowl. Remove the cowl.
  4. Remove the two side 10mm headlight bolts and the lower 10mm bolt. Remove the headlight and get access to the 3-wire plug which is plugged into the back of the headlight. See image below (Image is of a 2018 TW200, be aware that earlier years may have different wire coloring)

    Highbeam: Yellow Wire

    Negative: Black Wire

  5. If you want to have an independent auxiliary switch for controlling the light bar, then run a wire from the battery (or running light positive wire) to the new switch, then from the switch to the positive light bar wire, then wire the negative light bar wire to the frame or to the negative battery terminal. For a great video tutorial check out this how-to video by TDubsKid on Youtube

    If you want to use the existing high-beam switch to turn on your light bar at the same time as your brights (easiest method), proceed below.

  6. Use the provided T-taps (dark blue plastic crimp) to crimp onto the negative and high-beam positive wire. Using a pair of pliers works best for closing the crimpers. Be sure the crimps are fully latched around the wires. (see photo below)

  7. Crimp the two provided spade connectors to both the black (-), and red (+) wires on the LED light bar. Slide the spade connectors into the T-taps. NOTE: LED’s are uni-polar so if you mix up the positive and negative wires the light will not work. NOTE 2: Sometimes the spades want to slide to the side instead of sliding into the terminal slot, giving the appearance of being correctly plugged in even when they are not. 

  8. Plug the headlight back in and reinstall all bolts and cowl. Turn on the key and check the light bar for proper function.
  9. Manually twist the lightbar to choose the desired height adjustment. Higher adjustment decreases the effectiveness of the lightbar. It is best to adjust the light bar at night and while  away from other light sources. The light bar allen bolts should be tight, but loose enough that you can manually adjust the angle with your hand. 


Thank you for your purchase! If you are satisfied with your new light I would greatly appreciate a positive review on eBay/Etsy. It would also be greatly appreciated if you post about it on any forum/Facebook group you may be a part of. If you have any issues with the product, please send me a message and I will do my best to resolve the issue.


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