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Yamaha TW200 12v USB/Voltmeter/Rocker Switch Mount Panel

by 3Dub200

Original price $17.99 - Original price $28.99
Original price
$17.99 - $28.99
Current price $20.99

Intended for any production year of the Yamaha TW200 Motorcycle

Allows user to expand electrical system by providing a 1.13" (28.7mm) mounting space for an auxiliary power source outlet and/or instrument indicator. Common uses include but are not limited to:

-USB Charging Outlet
-12v Cigarette Lighter

Mount shown in ad photos with the Yonhan 12v USB/Voltmeter Outlet found on Amazon.. Many different types and brands of outlets utilize the same size space. (See mounting dimensions below)

No USB/Voltmeter Outlet will be sold with any of these mounts. Photos showing installed outlet are for demonstration purposes only. You must purchase the outlet/device you plan to install separately.

(see mounting dimensions below)

Trail Tested in Moab, UT

This 3D printed mount is designed to mount around the OEM Turn-signal/Neutral/High-beam light housing using the two factory screws. It also uses a strip(s) of 3M VHB double-sided, automotive-grade tape to secure it to the housing to ensure there is no rattling.

Buyers Guide

The 3-switch mount will slightly come into contact with the back of headlight cowl and cause the cowl to slightly protrude. This is a cosmetic issue only and is not an issue with the 1 and 2 switch mounts.
These mounts are available in Carbon-fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate materials. They are suitable for off-road and street use.

Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Polycarbonate is resilient and has a strength rating of 72MPa. It only comes in matte black. Polycarbonate mounts are guaranteed for life with replacements only costing the amount for postage ($4)

Rocker-Switches are sold extra (option when placing order). They are priced at +$2.00 per switch. If "No switches" is selected then your mount will ship without any switches.

No USB/Voltmeter Outlet Will Be Sold With Any of These Mounts Photos showing the installed outlet are for demonstration purposes only. You must purchase the outlet/device you plan to install separately.

Mounting Dimensions for the outlet mounting hole are as follows:

-Inner Diameter of outlet mounting hole: 1.13" (28.7mm) Be sure you ensure your intended outlet will be no larger than this size. Slightly smaller will still work with use of shims and/or adhesives. Do not use an outlet smaller than .95" (24mm).

-Depth of outlet mounting hole: .83" (21mm) It is best to choose an outlet with mounting threads which utilize a large mounting nut to fasten on the backside of the mount. Screws must extend past 21mm to make use of a mounting nut. If the outlet you intend to use is shorter than 21mm or does not have mounting threads/nut then you will most likely need to use some form of adhesive to install.

-Fitment may be difficult or impossible with some aftermarket TW200 parts, such as a windshield. No returns accepted, so please take this into consideration.

You can paint your mount by first lightly sanding, cleaning and using a plastic adhesion promoter. For a perfectly smooth finish, spray with a high-build primer and sand with 400 grit sandpaper. Then clean and paint any color. 


-1 Mount
-3M double-sided automotive-grade tape (Pre-Installed)
-Switches (If additionally purchased, otherwise mount ships without switches)


-Every mount has a 3-month craftmanship warranty with free replacement. For a replacement you must send clear pictures of the broken part.

-Polycarbonate mounts are guaranteed for life with replacements only costing the amount for postage ($4). For a replacement you must send clear pictures of the broken part.

-There is no warranty on the switches


If you have any questions or need any modifications made for your mount send me a message on eBay. For any replacement parts send me a message via the contact page. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Eric Guay
Tw200 Switch Mount Panel

Quick delivery, perfect fit, and high quality!
Great addition to the TW200.

Perfect fit and easy to install

I purchased the rocker switch panel with the 3Dub 200 LED light bar. Both were easy to install and fit perfectly. The only thing I had to modify was the voltmeter port. It was a bit too snug so I used a dremel tool and sanded the inside just a little until the voltmeter fit. I’m very happy with the purchase and recommend this product, as well as the light bar!


Works with stock headlight cover only.
Will not fit Maier Plastics headlight cover.

Bob Ziomek
Etsy Review

Well made and excellent fit and finish. I would recommend this to all TW200 owners!

Nathan Jones

Etsy Review